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Do you avoid inviting
friends and family over
because your dog
is so out of control?


Are you embarrassed
to walk your pooch in
public because the pulling
lunging and barking
has gotten so bad?

     Maybe you're just looking to get that new puppy started out on the right paw or teach your newly adopted fur-kid some simple basic training and manners.

Whichever the case - We're here to help. We'll show you how to make training fun, easy and effective. Problem behaviors are easily modified and new skills quickly learned using only force free, reward-based, dog-friendly methods. 

We’ll teach you to teach your dog - or we’ll do the training for you. We do not use shock, choke or pinch collars. We do not use any verbal or physical reprimands. We do not use any fear or force based methods such as alpha rolls, scruff shakes, intimidation, leash corrections, or yelling. In fact, most of our training can be done off leash!

Modern behavioral science has proven that using punishment, or any aversive techniques, not only weakens the bond of trust between you and your dog, but also provides him with very little usable information. Punishing your dog tells him the choice he made was wrong, but doesn't teach him what he should be doing instead. 

You'll be amazed to see just how easy it is to teach new behaviors that will replace those unwanted behaviors using only fun, force-free, methods and not by demanding it through intimidation, force, or physical abuse.

We make it fun and easy to turn your "Crazy Canine" into a Clever Canine!
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About the Trainer
Anne with her dogs Tanner & Jackson.
Anne Pantall is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA)  with over 23 years of training and teaching experience. She is passionately committed to using only humane, positive training methods that are based on the science of animal learning.

A dog lover all her life, Anne's involvement in training began in 1991 when she took her Basset Hound to training classes offered by her local dog club. She began working as an assistant instructor for the club in 1992 and as an instructor in 1994. She continued teaching until moving to Gainesville, FL in 2008 where she opened her own training business.
While in Gainesville, Anne also volunteered at the county shelter and was the Training Instructor for the “Paws on Parole” prison dog training program from March of 2009 until her move to Stuart in January of 2013.
In addition to providing private training and behavior modification over the years, Anne has taught group training classes including Puppy, Basic Manners, Canine Good Citizen, Novice Obedience, Tricks, Clicker and 4-H. She has also participated and titled in obedience, conformation, tracking and hunting events with her dogs.
Robby, Jackson & Toby 
Waiting Politely for a Treat!

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In Memory of Ziggy
Bad Boy Ziggy Lo-Ryder CD, WWKCCD,
AKC Canine Good Citizen
Certified Therapy Dog
July 14, 1991 ~ March 18, 2001
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loose leash walking without using
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From our Clients...   
"I'm so glad that Rylee and I got the chance to work with you and learn a much kinder, gentler way of training. If I didn't say it before, THANK YOU for your time and patience in working with us. It made a difference in both of our lives." 
    "Delilah is doing great and I thought about you just now as the girls ran by her and she just watched instead of chasing them and nipping their legs !!!! You showed us that she was a good dog but just needed some training and because of that Delilah was able to stay with our family!!".
   "I was so pleased with Anne's training! Miss Bella and I both learned a lot in a very short time. Anne is consistently positive and just seems to bring out the best in a dog. Just one thing she taught was how to get Bella to go happily into her crate at any time. What a godsend! We look forward to working more with her in the future."

Training Tip
 Hand Feeding is a powerful training tool and relationship builder! Try this... Put away the food bowls for at least 2 weeks and use your dog’s food to reward desirable behaviors throughout the day.

To do this - mix up a few days’ worth of kibble with some goodies such as bits of chicken, hot dogs, beef, bacon, cheese etc. Add a bit of broth or warm water to the mix (about 1/8 cup liquid for every cup of food).

Put it all in a large zip lock bag or sealable container and store in frig. The kibble will soften slightly and pick up all those yummy flavors of the goodies you’ve added.

Put morning ration of kibble mixture into a treat pouch and hand feed a few pieces at a time throughout the day to reward behaviors that you would like the dog to repeat. Put evening ration of kibble mixture into food dispensing toys.

Prepare to be amazed by the changes in your dogs behavior and in your relationship!

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